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Shaping conscious brands.

Creating value from brand essence to customer experience.
Authenticity has never been as essential as today. If your brand is purpose-driven then your business value can truly lead to a distinctive impact. When brand personality and narrative are on point, a business can create seamless and memorable customer journeys.

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Hi there.

I am Francesca Pietrarossi,

A Mindful Marketer.

Creating impact through crafted marketing strategies.

Brands are in customers' hands, there is no doubt. More than ever before, today's brands come about as creators as well as storytellers, with customers reflecting their unique stories, values, cultures and desires through their brand choices and purchase power.

The need for businesses to reshape their strategies to better meet increasing customers' demands of seeing mindful brands is a tangible reality. Companies can do so whilst transferring their personal and authentic message - no matter the industry they are in.


Ready to unfold your unique story?

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Explore how I help companies become modern storytellers in today's culture of Wellness, Sustainable and Ethical living.

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